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Meet CEOs, MD's, VPs, Directors & Heads Of LNG/LNG Projects
& Strategic Planning From LNG Terminal Operators, Owners & Port Authorities In Europe


Plus Also Meet The Following Strategic Job Functions:

  • CEO
  • CTO
  • Managing Director
  • Heads Of Investment LNG Projects
  • Heads Of LNG Planning & Strategy
  • Heads Of LNG Shipping 
  • Heads Of Decarbonisation
  • European Gas VP
  • Head Of Terminals & Cross Border Pipelines  
  • Head Of Strategic Development



  • FSRU Conversion Companies
  • FSRU Leasing Companies
  • FSRU Sales Companies
  • FSRU & LNG Ship Owners Cross Border Pipeline
  • Modular Tech Solutions for FSRU Conversion
  • Regasification Module Suppliers


  • LNG Traders
  • Oil & Gas Multi-Nationals
  • European Gas Sales Companies
  • Cross Border Pipeline Operators
  • LNG & Gas Market Analysts
  • Gas Distribution Companies


  • Private Capital & Equity
  • Investment Banks
  • Port Authorities
  • National Governments
  • EU Regulators & Policy Makers
  • Think Takes & Strategy Consultants


  • Construction Companies & EPC’s
  • Onshore Facility Modular Solutions
  • FSRU Modular Solutions
  • New Tech For Green FSRU Conversion (Methanol)
  • LNG Storage Technology
  • Conversion For Hydrogen Technologies

Dedicated To Helping The European Oil And Gas Industry Strengthen Europe's Energy Security

A New Collaboration To Assist The European LNG Sector In Creating & Implementing Plans For
Expanding LNG Import Capacity Across the Continent​

We are pleased to announce this new collaboration to assist the European LNG sector in creating and implementing plans for expanding LNG import capacity across the continent.

Since July, we've talked to many of you about the challenges of identifying new LNG sources that are price competitive and increasing Europe's LNG import capacity to fulfill the continent's pressing need for more reliable sources of energy. During our preparations for this significant event, we spoke with more than fifty CEOs and managing directors from LNG terminals, gas sales enterprises, port authorities, traders, and regulators. We are grateful to them for their time and assistance. The agenda we present today was designed by the industry specifically for the industry.

Bringing Together Key Stakeholders

This conference aims to bring the key stakeholders together to discuss how to identify new sources of LNG and maximise Europe's import capacity in the most economical way possible.  The timeline focuses on between now and around 2026 and then evaluating strategies for the longer term. You told us that longer-term considerations might involve either further expanding FSRU utilisation or investing more money into new on-land terminals and cross-border pipelines (e.g. between Spain and France). We will be looking at such solutions at the conference.   

The agenda looks at various solutions, including commercial, policy, financing, and technical elements. Focusing on the best ways to take advantage of current market conditions and assemble as many people as possible to explore how to turn this crisis into an opportunity to invest in new gas and related infrastructure.

There is no doubt that finding additional LNG gas sources is pivotal for the industry. We will examine emerging LNG supply options in light of the import capacity that will be made available to attract new supplies and how they might be expanded in the future.

Conference Themes

The four critical overarching themes of this conference are as follows:

  • LNG gas sourcing globally. We are looking at new sources from places like Africa and Turkey and determining the full potential of supplies from the USA.
  • An update on what is occurring in the critical European nations to increase import capacity, focusing on Germany, France, Italy, the Baltics, and the Balkans
  • FSRUs How can the industry address supply chain concerns? For instance, how can they be quickly renovated and made available cost-effectively?
  • Justifying the business case for expanding onshore terminals. How can the industry make the financing models work? What are their most current modular solutions? What capacity might they support?

The industry must now consider many factors, including the possibility that onshore terminals could be converted to transition over to hydrogen. We will be discussing the possibility of repurposing onshore terminals to handle key hydrogen carriers in the future, including ammonia and methanol. Since this unquestionably has a significant impact on the choice to invest and determining the overall payback period.

Networking Opportunities

The conference schedule is intense, with a program full of talks as there is a lot to talk about. However, there will be plenty of networking opportunities, and a cocktail reception will be held at the end of the first day.



Whether you operate an onshore terminal, aim to grow through the deployment of FSRUs or trade LNG, this event is an absolute must-attend, examining short-term and long-term possibilities for expanding the capacity of LNG import terminals, cross-border pipelines, and other vital infrastructure assets

DAY 1:

  • Identifying New, Cost-Effective LNG Sources For Europe
  • Solutions For Expanding LNG Import Capacity In The Short Term (To 2026)
  • Onshore Terminals Vs FSRU’s
  • Ensuring FSRU Project Success To Expand LNG Import Capacity In Europe Rapidly
  • Global Perspective On FSRU Conversions - Dubai, Singapore And South Korea
  • New Technology For Floating Regasification And Marine Infrastructure

DAY 2: 

  • Options For Financing The Development Of New Onshore Terminals
  • Managing Risk And Cost In The EPC Supply Chain
  • Rapidly Constructing Terminal Expansion Projects
  • FSRU Skill Building & Competence
  • Examining Repurposing Possibilities For Either Hydrogen, Ammonia, Or Methanol To Ensure The Investment In New Onshore Import Facilities Is A Long Term Investment
  • Comparing The Emissions Of FSRUs With Onshore Terminals


  • Facilitating Partnerships & Collaboration among Government, Finance, Terminal Operators, Port Authorities, FSRU Suppliers, and LNG sector decision makers & investors
  • The Only LNG Conference Focusing On Increasing Capacity In Relation To The LNG Supplies Available In The Global Market
  • Decide The Optimal Strategy For The Future: Examine the possibilities for sourcing additional quantities of LNG
  • Hear From National & European Commission Policymakers: on potential investment and growth timelines for significant infrastructure assets, cross-border pipelines, and LNG terminals
  • Discuss Immediate Options That Could Be Implemented Rapidly To Increase LNG Capacity: Is it truly the optimal strategy to convert LNG ships into FSRUs, for instance? Would it be more worthwhile to invest in onshore facilities and take a longer 10-to-15-year perspective?
  • Determine How LNG Import Capacity In Terms Of Terminals Cross-Border Pipelines And Infrastructure For Regasification May Be Made Available.  What is occurring in the key nations and regions, including Germany, Italy, France, the Baltic States, and the Balkans?
  • FSRU STRATEGY: Should FSRU’s be used as a temporary stopgap measure or if they could be utilised more permanently
  • Determine The Practical Advantages Of Building Onshore Capacity If Hydrogen Is To Replace LNG Eventually: Whether this involves redesigning LNG terminals and pipelines for ammonia, methane, or different types of hydrogen carriers
  • What's Happening With Proposed Post-Terminals And FSRUs and how long it'll take to get the necessary permits and approvals to start construction
  • Learning from Germany: This conference will bring together the numerous stakeholders in the value chain to highlight Germany's progress in swiftly building its FSRU terminals and accelerating the permit process



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